Doc Connect for Arena

Doc Connect for Arena

Document Management With Word

As organizations strive for higher quality and faster speeds, document management must not be a bottleneck to innovation. Arena and eBOM have partnered to offer an elegant solution for companies that want to simplify document management for teams using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word is the most common authoring tool for product and quality documentation, including specifications, standard operating procedures, and test requirements. Now, there’s an efficient connection between Word and Arena so document authors and editors can easily have documentation reviewed and released in Arena—while staying in Word. The result is easier document management.

How it works

Doc Connect for Arena enables your team members to get and add files in Arena, without leaving Microsoft Word. This add-in enables better and easier document control with little training. With this integration, your team can:

  • Log into Arena from Doc Connect with secure Arena credentials
  • Create an Arena File object and attach a new Word document
  • Find an existing Word document in Arena by name, title, or category
  • Create a new edition of a document managed in Arena
  • Use Word templates or forms stored and approved in Arena
  • Generate PDF files of the Word document automatically or optionally
  • Create an Arena Item associated to the file item for document approval and life cycle management
  • Benefits

    Consistent product and quality documentation

  • Ensure use the latest Word templates –revision controlled in Arena
  • Create and associate Word files with Arena documents
  • Improved document management processes

  • Connect with Arena’s document management capabilities for formal review and release
  • Enable full product team access to the Word documents and current release status
  • Increased productivity

  • Improve team efficiency with easy, fast transitions between Word and Arena
  • Reduce training with a familiar interface within Word
  • Getting started

    Doc Connect for Arena is an Word add-in that you can download from the Microsoft Office Store®. You will get a 2 week free trial to make sure Doc Connect meets your expectations. After following the simple directions to add it to your environment, you will see it in the upper right-hand corner of your home ribbon in Word.

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