PLAYBOOK is Lean execution software


Playbook is purpose built to minimize lead time in HW development:

✔ Visual dependencies with dynamic criticality and priority per task
✔ Playbook critical chain let the teams optimize resources and deliveries on digital project boards
✔ Agile tools for SW development lack these features and forces teams to unintentionally delay dependent deliveries

Playbook principles

Principle of Lean-Agile Why it Matters
Decentralized planning and task ownership By having the people who know the work best create and manage their own plans, project timelines are more realistic, accurate and up-to-date
Granular Tasks (Small Batches) Short tasks are better than long ones to quickly expose delays, issues and risks. Ideal task duration is 1-3 days
Load people to 75%, not 100% (WIP) Work will be completed faster. Work slows exponentially when loading exceeds 75%
Share project buffer instead of task-level buffers Shared buffers greatly reduce padding in the schedule and create peer pressure to complete tasks on time
Dynamic update of Critical Chain As tasks complete or changes occur, the next critical task is identified and is given top priority. Everyone is therefore always working on their top priority task.
Users “Pull” tasks from their prioritized task queue Users “pull” tasks from their calendar rather than have a project manager “push” tasks to them. This results in less multi-tasking and increases a person’s overall throughput
Hold short “standup” meetings Frequent short “standup” meetings quickly uncover and communicate issues, risks, changes and status

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