Arthrex achieves the impossible with Playbook, and launches in half the time.

Result: Arthrex launches in half the time netting them $15M+ in extra profit

Arthrex had 7 months to build a company and launch a product that — based on past experience — would have taken 14 months to bring to market. So how do you develop a highly complex medical device product in a highly regulated environment in half the time, while you’re constantly hiring new people?

PLAYBOOK gave Arthrex the tools they needed to create flexible plans, communicate priorities and keep everyone informed. Arthrex achieved their goal of making it to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons conference, receiving over 150 orders prior to launch. Their early-to-market success netted them millions of dollars in extra profit. Now Arthrex is adopting PLAYBOOK across its organization to support a culture that’s already PLAYBOOK ready!